Research Interests

Phonetics, Phonology, Prosody, Laboratory Phonology, Experimental Techniques (EGG, eye-tracker, ultrasound), Usage-based Phonology, Phonological Typology, Prosodic Typology, Historical Linguistics, Corpus Linguistics, Probabilistic Modeling, Psycholinguistics.

Research Areas

Segmental acoustic phonetics; prosodic structure; phonetics-phonology interface; prosody-phonetics interface; changes in syllable structure; coarticulation and gestural overlap; intonation; prosodic lengthening; pauses.

Ongoing Research Projects

Previous Research


Phonetic-Phonological Work

Brazilian Portuguese, Mexican and European Spanish, American English, European French, Paraguayan Guaraní

Typological Work

Indigenous languages of South America from several families (e.g. Macro-Je, Tupian, Arawak, Cariban, etc.); Native American languages of the Pacific Northwest (e.g. Na-Dene, Salishan, Wakashan, Tsimshianic, etc.); languages of the Caucasus (e.g. Kartvelian, Nakh-Dagestanian, Northwest Caucasian, etc.).

Spoken Fluently

Portuguese, English, French, Norwegian, Spanish