Outreach & Service

Diversity Liaison to UNM Linguistics (2017-2019)

Between 2017 and 2019, I was the Diversity Liaison to the University of New Mexico Linguistics Department. The Diversity Liaison is a position I helped establish with the goal of supporting students and faculty in our department achieve equity of access to the university’s resources.

Some of the current projects I undertook included:

  • Training sessions for graduate Teaching Assistants of Introduction to Linguistics courses. Topics addressed:
    • Representation and inclusion in textbook and class materials
    • Diversity as a framework for differentiating instruction
  • Evaluation of LGBTQ+ graduate students in the Department. Issues investigated:
    • What are the challenges LGBTQ+ students face in a graduate program?
    • How do those challenges impact the population’s academic progression?
    • What actions can faculty take to make their allyhood more explicit?
  • Recruitment effort to increase enrollment of minority students in undergraduate an graduate programs. Goals and reasoning:
    • Reframe perceptions of linguistics through increasing visibility of groups that have historically been under-represented in the field
      • UNM linguistics courses attract very diverse student populations (e.g. Hispanic/Latinx populations, Southwest Native Americans, students from the Deaf community) yet these groups account for only a very small fraction of linguistics majors and grad students